The Boxing day

¿ Conoces el Boxing day ?

What is Boxing Day ?

Boxing day is celebrate the 26th December. It’s a tradition dating back to the XV century. There are two theories :

The first refers to religion. It is said that Etienne was elected by the apostles to distribute alms to the poor. Some dispute this first theory and say that this tradition comes from bourgeois society in the 19th century. They say this is the day that aristocrats allowed their servants to take time off on the day after christmas so they could enjoy their family and friends.

Boxing day is celebrated in many countries, e.g: Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Croatia …

What we do this day ?

Boxing day is a time of family sharing. It is common to make a meal with the leftovers of the Christmas meal. Traditionally, Boxing Day is also associated with hunting. In England, this day has become a commercial festivity where shops offer sales, but also of sporting events. Indeed, English-speaking countries come together to participate at football competitions. Countries such as England, Scotland, Wales, Australia, Ireland, Canada and New Zealand come together.